Seven injured near Kurram border in firing from Afghan side

F.P. Report
PESHWAR: On Sunday, seven people were injured following firing from across the Afghan border in Kharlachi and Borki near Kurram border.
The Deputy Medical Superintendent DHQ Parachinar Dr Qaiser Abbas Bangash said that the children were seriously injured while several livestock were also killed due to shelling from Afghanistan on the local community.
The injured, which also include three security officials, were under treatment at the hospital, he said.
Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Sajid Hussain Turi, while confirming the incident, condemned the firing.
In a statement shared on Twitter, he said: “Afghanistan’s violation of Pakistan’s Kurram border at Kharlachi and Borki and targeting the civilian population is condemnable.”
He called for an immediate ceasefire and said the people of Kurram and the Pakistan Army knew well how to “protect their land and befittingly respond to any aggression”.
Turi stressed that aggression and war were not a solution to any problem, adding that Pakistan wanted to solve all problems with Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries through dialogue.
The Federal Minister also stated that Afghanistan was a brotherly country and Pakistan wanted all “outstanding issues to be resolved through diplomatic channels and dialogue”.
Turi said that land disputes between the people living on both sides of the border should be resolved through bilateral jirga and diplomatic channels so that no such incident takes place in the future as it will damage the fraternal and friendly relations between the two countries.
He said that we have already held jirgas and negotiations with the Afghan government on the land dispute and more negotiations are needed, and the people across the border should not try to unsuccessfully occupy the Pakistani lands of Kharlachi and Borki, the statement shared on Twitter reads.