Seven members of one family murdered in Kabul

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KABUL: Seven members of one family including three women and two children were killed in their house in KarteSakhi area in Kabul on Sunday evening, officials confirmed on Monday.

The perpetrators of the attack are not known yet, police said.

Residents of the area said one of the victims was a woman who was eight months pregnant.

“Three women, two children and two men have been martyred. Two sons of the family have been wounded,” said AttaullahBahaduri, a relative of the victims.

Two other members of the family were wounded in the incident.

The head of the house and his wife, their elder son, their bride, the sister of their bride, two grandsons of the family are among those killed in the incident.

Eyewitnesses and police said the elders have been killed by gunshot while the two children have been killed by putting a pillow on their head.

The incident has shocked Kabul residents, who often see murder and armed robbery cases in the city over the past few weeks.

“The men and women were shot on their heart while the children were suffocated. The attackers had escaped when police arrived. We call on government to ensure people’s safety, otherwise, the security officials should be dismissed,” said Humaira (given name), a resident of KarteSakhi.

On Sunday, a number of unknown armed men killed a senior employee of a non-government organization in Kart-e-Naw area in Kabul’s PD5.

On Saturday, a man was killed near the Attorney General’s Office in downtown Kabul.(TOLOnews)