Sheikh Rasheed: No decision yet on imposing Governor’s rule in Sindh

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided not to impose Governor’s Rule in Sindh.

The decision was taken at a high-level PTI meeting at Banigala on Friday which was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss the situation arising out of the no-confidence motion tabled by the opposition and the ‘defection’ of ruling party members.

After the meeting, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said a summary about imposition of Governor’s rule in Sindh was presented in the meeting but no final decision was taken on it.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed while briefing the media after the Prime Minister’s Bani Gala meeting, said no decision was taken regarding imposition of Governor’s rule in Sindh. He said that a summary in this connection was presented in the meeting but nothing had been decided about it so far.

He said that the sale and purchase was going on in the Parliament’s Sindh House. However, he assured that authorities would not enter its premises while stressing that there was no room for conflict in democracy. He said it did not look like that events would lead to anarchy.

“If conflict occurs, then the opposition must not think of government that it’s weak,” the interior minister warned.

He appealed to the ‘sold-out’ PTI members of parliament to come back to their fold as ‘they will not be censured’.

He said the days from March 25 till April 4 were very important in politics. He said that on March 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan would address a very big public rally. He said the premier invited million people to participate in his rally.

Mr Rasheed was of the view that bringing no-confidence motion was opposition’s constitutional right. He said he could not say on which day the voting on no-trust would take place. Only National Assembly speaker will decide about it, he added.

He said he was firmly standing beside Imran Khan urging other government allies to support him as it was Imran who would drive the last nail in the opposition’s coffin.

He maintained that PM Khan would fight a decisive battle.

When asked by a journalist what should the PM do morally given the present circumstances, Sheikh Rasheed quipped ‘morals are dead long ago.’

On the current Pak-Australia cricket series in Islamabad, the interior minister said all four matches between these two teams had been shifted to Lahore.

Law minister’s advice

Earlier, Federal Minister for Law and Justice Ferogh Naseem gave legal and constitutional advice to Prime Minister Khan with regard to the no-confidence move against him. He advised that the only legal remedy was to constantly delay the motion.

He told the premier that no-trust motion would be brought to the assembly’s agenda. He further said that the speaker of the house does have the prerogative to prorogue the house for indefinite time soon after the assembly comes into session. When the assembly will be adjourned for indefinite time, the opposition will have to submit its requisition once again for summoning the session of the house, he added.

He said that the speaker does have the right to prorogue assembly session for a month or couple of months.