Sherry Rehman says Toshakhana theft is now proven case

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Federal Climate Change Minister and senior PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman has declared that Toshakhana is not just an allegation rather it was a proven case now.

In a couple of tweets uploaded on Thursday, Sherry Rehman asked “Why are the politicians doing politics of thefts and robberies angry on the news about Toshakhana? If not stolen, why they object to the news reports?”

The minister further said “Reporting is the responsibility of the media, you want no one to talk about your corruption and theft? Why are you afraid of the news if you did not steal?”

In the second tweet, Sherry said “Toshakhana is not an allegation, it is a proven case. You (Imran Khan) were disqualified from membership of the National Assembly in the same case. You have been punished by the Election Commission for committing corrupt practices. Every statement you make is based on hypocrisy and lies. Your embarrassment shows that you are badly exposed.”