Sindh Cabinet aiming to bring resolution over control of Steel Mill

F.P Report

KARACHI: Sindh Cabinet sub-committee on Steel Mill has approved to bring resolution in Sindh Assembly regarding seeking control of Sindh government on Steel Mill on Thursday.

The aim behind this resolution is that this will obstruct the negative intention of federal government for making thousands of workers jobless, the authorities said.

The decision over this matter was made up after the first consultation meeting of sub-committee with trade union leaders and steel mill workers action committee held in the committee room of Sindh assembly.

This meeting was attended by Provincial Minister Information & Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Labour Minister Saeed Ghani, Law Advisor Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Secretary Labor Rashid Solangi, Deputy Commissioner Malir Ghanwar Leghari, Labor Leader Karamat Ali, Habib Junaidi and Steel Mill Action Committee leaders.

During this meeting it was also decided that Steel Mill Action Committee will put up its recommendations and proposals on this matter in the next meeting of the committee.

It should be underlined that the next meeting of the committee is scheduled after two days so that the suggestions of trade union leaders could be incorporated in the letter that would be sent to federal government.

While expressing his views Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and Saeed Ghani commented that that Sindh government has decided to write a letter to the federation on the steel mill issue, which is being drafted by Law Adviser Barrister Murtaza Wahab.

The workers of Steel Mill are well versed with the issues of the mill and their suggestion would be helpful in presenting the strong case in front of federal government, they said.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah also informed the media that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has instructed to look for consultation from the workers on the issue and implement the same in letter and spirit.

Over this matter the Provincial Ministers advised that peaceful protest is a fundamental right of workers, but do not perform any act that would pose damage your cause and provide opportunity to wrongdoer.

The Ministers were of view that it was not possible that federal government immediately hand over control of the steel mill to the Sindh government on merely Sindh government letter. 

It is a long struggle that we all have to launch together.

While commenting Trade Union Leader Karamat Ali said that the movement will have to be run on permanent basis.  The federation will not bow down so easily and added that public needed to be mobilized on the issue as privatization of steel mill would multiply unemployment in the province, he said.

While talking about the privatization and protests of workers he said that cases were being registered against the protesting workers, which was a violation of provincial labour laws that needed to be stopped and that all trade union leaders sitting here in the meeting here were in agreement to work with the Sindh government to stop the privatization of steel mill

In today’s meeting the steel mill action committee had also put up their demands before the Sindh cabinet’s subcommittee.