Siraj rejects increase in power tariff

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq rejecting the increase in electricity tariff has demanded the government make public the IMF agreement.

Talking to different delegation here on Saturday, he said that per unit price would touch Rs55 after inclusion of different taxes in electricity bills. The rulers, Siraj said, were bent upon sucking the blood of the poor masses instead of making small sacrifices of their own luxuries and protocols. The ruler of the poor country, he said, lived like kings, utilizing state resources and leaving nothing for the poor. The two percent elite, he said, captured 90 percent of the national wealth.

Amid the unprecedented financial crunch, he said, the number of prime minister’s federal cabinet was 85. Could a country caught in a worst debt trap afford this size of the cabinet, he questioned. He said the government had planned to collect Rs500 billion from the poor people with the recent increase in power tariff.

The JI chief said the PDM and the PPP had taken out the rallies and the long marches against inflation before coming into power. The 15 months rule of the 13 parties’ alliance, he said, broke all records of inflation but none of them raised any concern.

He said the current government was the continuation of the PTI rule. There was no difference among the policies of the ruling parties, he said, adding the trio was failed to provide any relief to the masses. He added the status quo keepers could not put the country on right path even after remaining in power for 100 years.