Six terrorists killed in Khost IED blast

KABUL (Khaama Press): At least six fighters including a prominent commander were killed and 15 others injured in a blast that took place in Afghanistan’s Khost province on Thursday.
Sources reported that six militants were killed and 15 others injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast in Khost province. The identities of the slain commanders were revealed to be Abdul Manan, Alam Khan Mudakhel, Kajir and three others unidentified.
The attack comes days after a senior Pakistani delegation traveled to Kabul and met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Bradar, the Action Deputy Prime Minister of the Taliban and discussed key security concerns.
Later reports emerged that Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif had warned Afghan authorities if the Taliban regime does not take necessary measures against the terrorists hideouts, Pakistan does not have an option but to target the militant groups on Afghan soil.
During the meeting, Mullah Bradar reiterated the Islamic Emirate security forces will target militant groups wherever they hide in Afghanistan.
Also, he has assured Pakistani officials of enhancing security cooperation between the two countries in the future.
Pakistan officials were confident that the outcome of the visit would be visible in upcoming weeks as Pakistan expects certain actions by the Afghan Taliban against terrorist outfits operating out of Afghan soil.
Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are suffering from growing threats of terrorism and militancy in recent months. Pakistan has experienced unprecedented terror attacks in the past couple of months. Since the banned group called off its unilateral ceasefire with the Pakistani government, the militant group has launched brutal attacks across Pakistan, resulting in the death in injury of hundreds of innocent civilians and army personnel.