‘Some banks facing liquidity problems’

KABUL (TOLOnews): The economic deputy prime minister of the Islamic Emirate said that some banks are facing problems of liquidity in Afghanistan.
Speaking at the second meeting of the “high council of economics, financial stability committee and documented banks’ shareholders,” Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar said that banks play a key role in the development of a country.
“Banking sectors play a key role in the development and reconstruction of the country. There have been developments in the sector. The trust of customers and businesspeople of banks is an important achievement,” said Mullah Baradar, the economic deputy PM of the Islamic Emirate.
Meanwhile, the president of De Afghanistan Bank [Afghanistan’s central bank] said that they have addressed many problems of banks in the past two years.
Hidayatullah Badri said that they have also managed to increase the amount of withdrawal of money from banks while the banking system is still under restrictions.
“The banking sector was on the verge of collapse, the leadership of the central bank managed it well. Not only the problems decreased but the banking sector witnessed development,” said Hidayatullah Badri.
In the meeting, the shareholders of the bank were asked to return to the country and manage the banking in person.
The acting minister of finance promised that they will resolve the problems of banks in the country.
“We promise to solve the problems of banks, we also thank those who still have a share in the banks, we ask the shareholders to pay more attention to their shares in banks,” said Muhammad Nasir Akhund, the acting minister of finance.
Following the Islamic Emirate rule in the country, the banking system has been restricted in the country and traders are encountering problems in sending and receiving money.