South Korea, Lebanon, And Luxembourg Drop All Travel Restrictions

(Agencies): Countries worldwide have been dropping Covid restrictions recently, and three more have joined the restriction-free world. South Korea, Lebanon, and Luxembourg have dropped their travel restrictions and will return to normal tourism.

This is welcome news for travelers who have been itching to visit these countries after years of closed borders, testing requirements, and vaccination bans. Thankfully, visitors interested in these destinations no longer have to worry about the extra hoops we’ve all had to jump through to travel over the last few years.
South Korea has been accessible to both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers for a while now.

However, until July, the country required unvaccinated travelers to quarantine upon arrival. Even after getting rid of that requirement, South Korea has still enforced testing on arrival for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers. Thankfully, the testing on arrival requirement is officially set to end on October 1st for all travelers, whether vaccinated or not.

As of September 27th, Lebanon no longer requires any Covid testing or proof of vaccination in order to enter the country. Similarly, there are no quarantine requirements in place.

Lebanon has many exciting things to see and do and is steeped in history. Everything from incredible clubs in Beirut to ancient Roman ruins awaits in Lebanon. One of the oldest known cities in the world, Byblos, is in Lebanon and is where the first traces of the western alphabet were found.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Luxembourg recently announced that the country would be getting rid of all Covid-19 restrictions beginning on October 1st.

These restrictions will be scrapped for all travelers, regardless of vaccination status. The country joins an almost complete list of European countries that are 100 percent open for travel. As of this writing, Spain is the only European country still banning unvaccinated Americans.

Luxembourg has beautiful landscapes, gorgeous architecture, and castles and has plenty to do for travelers, despite its small size. Getting around is a cinch, as all public transport is entirely free.

Since the country is so tiny, it’s easy to take in the sites all around the country without ever having to pay for a ride. And don’t forget to bring your appetite. Interestingly, Luxembourg has the most Michelin stars per capita of any city in the world.

Courtesy: breakingtravelnews