Students in Helmand ask that schools be rebuilt

HELMAND (TOLOnews): Residents in the Sangin district of Helmand province asked that repairs be made to their schools.
According to residents, the last two decades of war affected their schools and most of the schools in the district are destroyed and need repairs, depriving the students of education.
“The school was destroyed by war and now it needs to be rebuilt,” said Mohammad Aslam, a local resident. “We want them to serve us in the education section, they don’t do any work in this section, they have to make schools here,” said Abdul Moneer, a local resident.
“Some students said that if their schools were rebuilt, they would continue their education,” said Bibi Safa, a student.
“Rebuild this school for us, so we can learn writing,” said Roya, a student.
Meanwhile local officials in Helmand said that with the cooperation of an aid organization they will rebuild 36 destroyed schools. “We have a plan that with cooperation of UNICEF to rebuild 36 schools, every school will cost 15 to 20 thousand dollars,” said Mawlawe Mohammad Ewaz Ansari, head of education in Helmand.