Herat women, girls take up ancient art of engraving

HERAT (TOLOnews): The interest of women and girls in the art of engraving has increased in Herat.
Recently dozens of girls started working in engraving workshops, where they produce decorative accessories by carving on wood, stone and metal.
“The engraving arts has brought value to my life, it makes me busy and saves me from being at home and doing nothing, now I have a job and income,” said Raihana Mohammadi, an engraver.
“I have an interest in this art, and I learn it so I can make money,” said Madina.
These girls said that after a long time being at home and doing nothing, they are happy to have found this art.
“I am so glad to have this job so I can serve my country and my family and also have income,” said Maryam Ahmadi, graver.
Some of these girls are breadwinners for their families and sell their handmade products in markets to make money for their families.
“They can produce and sell this and pay for their families’ expenses,” said Jalil Ahmad Arbab Zada, coordinator of carving workshops.
Engraving is one of the ancient arts in Herat province that has roots back to the Timurid period more than 600 years ago.