Suhaila paralyzed due to unabated spousal violence

HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): A man in the Enjil district of western Herat province has paralyzed his wife by beating her severely and unabatedly. Suhaila, 25, in an unstable condition told Pajhwok Afghan News reporter that she got married 10 years ago. She said: “My husband is a dangerous and cruel person and from the day one of their marriage, he started beating me.”

Suhaila has three daughters — three, seven and 10 years old. She recently miscarried as a result of violence and persecution by her husband. Lying on her bed, Suhaila started her story by saying that after one year of their married life she went to Iran with her husband but there too her life was not comfortable.

Referring to her current paralyzed body, she said: “I was collecting blankets in the room when my husband entered and hit me with a strong kick in the back. I felt to the ground, feeling an earthquake type situation. Blood starting coming out of my nose and I thought my body is broken.” “I spent 13 days in ICU, a generous person provided money for my operation and my husband promised to give me money and a piece of land if I do not tell anyone about what he did to me.”

She said after being kicked in the middle of her waist, her vertebrae were broken and she was completely paralyzed and she has been suffering for five years now. After returning to Afghanistan from Iran, she tried to complain against her husband but she was threatened to be divorced if any complaint she registered against her husband, according to Suhaila.

She claimed her husband still beat her even as she is paralyzed and she had no one to inquire after her health. Suhaila’s husband has married a second wife and they don’t look after her and do not provide her with food and other assistance. Anesa Sarwari, Herat Women Affairs director, termed the violence against Suhaila as inhuman and said their department has no such facility to treat Suhaila. She said currently WASA Office took responsibility to look after Suhaila and the Women Affairs Department tried to find an institution where Suhaila could be treated.