Summer of ’22: New glamping venues in Türkiye

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ISTANBUL: From lotus tents to canvas bungalows, the sea, stars and lakes, check out some of the impressive new glamping sites in Türkiye this year

While the “glamping” concept has actually been around in Türkiye for a while, be it due to the Turks’ nomadic heritage or the inherent creativity and natural resources in abundance here, treehouses, bungalows and fancy tents have always been a thing. In fact, there are even protected nature reserves, such as Olympos and Kabak, where tree houses and tents are the norm. But then there are other areas, such as popular holiday destinations like Bodrum, where these sort of more affordable and relaxing accommodation options are nearly nonexistent. But luckily, this year, there is a new “glamping” spot in Bodrum called No. 12 Gümüşlük.

This comes after the opening of Wanderheaven that while not “glamping” per se, has brought welcomed campgrounds to the heart of Gümüşlük. If glamping is a bit too pricey for your budget, in Bodrum there is still Volo Camping and now Wanderheaven that offer more affordable accommodation options yet at top-notch locations.

No. 12 Gümüşlük No. 12 Gümüşlük is a new glamping spot in Bodrum, Türkiye. (Photo courtesy of Leyla Yvonne Ergil)

A welcome addition to Bodrum’s bohemian Gümüşlük neighborhood is No. 12 Gümüşlük, a new glamping spot that has comfortable bungalow-style canvas tents. Each canvas bungalow has its own shower and bathroom, windows and a deck entrance, so you can lay on the bed and look out at the vista or catch a private viewing of the night’s starry sky.

The premises are set on a 4,000 square-meter (43056 square-feet) plot located just a five-minute walk to the sea and town. A peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum, No. 12 Gümüşlük also hosts a variety of retreats, such as yoga and other mindfulness practices. The breakfast consists of caringly sourced, high-quality products and the daily menu has healthy dishes such as falafel on offer. Dinner is served at a long-shared table in the garden and on most days, there is morning yoga.

From Küçükküyü to Kadırga

The stretch of coastline from Küçükküyü to Kadırga has fast been developing into beach clubs, bed and breakfasts and now … glamping venues. This is a welcomed development and the Aegean Sea off the coast of Assos is spectacular and venues like Kozlu Yalı and the new and smaller Cuppa Glamping offer the opportunity to camp out in style directly on the beach.

Kozlu Yalı Glamping

With 10 impressive lotus-shaped dome tents, Kozlu Yalı Glamping is one of the newer additions to the coastline from Küçükküyü to Assos. This stretch of the Aegean lies below the forested villages of the Mount Ida region and is just a few kilometers away from the ancient site of Assos and the town of Behramkale. While newish to the area, Kozlu Yalı has established itself as “the” place to be for hip retreat-seeking urbanites versus the more traditional patrons of that particular coastline. The food and tables lining the sea are high in demand and there are even occasional concert performances. The premises is right on the sea with lots of grass to lay on and shade-providing trees. Each creatively decorated dome tent also has an accompanying bathroom.

Judith Glamping

Situated on a four-story structure of platforms on a hill with breathtaking views of the Aegean off of Kadırga Beach, Judith Glamping has brought mouthwatering meals, new age drinks as well as a number of different glamping and camping options to much-needed Assos. Not only can you stay in one of the numbered bungalows and rooms available, but you can also pitch a tent on the terraces overlooking the sea.

Once a deserted village, Fethiye’s Kayaköy has literally been brought back to life. There are now countless dining and accommodation options in this picturesque town of boutique-ified ruins. However, Yol Glamping is still the best one to enjoy the rural vibe the area was once famed for.

Yol Glamping Ala Glamping is located in Sülüklü Göl nature park in Bolu, Türkiye. (Photo courtesy of Leyla Yvonne Ergil)

Located in Fethiye’s Kayaköy, Yol Glamping is a great spot to relax and have a retreat or to serve as a base for discovering the greater area, such as the nearby Ölüdeniz. There are four different types of accommodation options, including canvas bungalows and a tree house. But it is the option to stay in their “tiny houses” which thrilled me the most. As most of us have now heard of them, it is kind of exciting to have one all to yourself to try out, albeit even for a night. The premises also has a huge dome studio and an artisanal restaurant serving delicious and healthy fresh Turkish fare. There is also a pristine pool on the premises, which is a big plus given that Kayaköy is admittedly a 20-minute drive or so from the sea.

Perhaps the most spectacular stay in Türkiye is actually at a “glamping” spot. I kid you not, this particular glamping is certainly in a league of its own, with the lake streaming past the open chic tent of what could easily be the setting of a dazzling movie.

Ala Glamping

Last but certainly not least is Ala Glamping which is located in Bolu’s Sülüklü Göl. The Glamping grounds are located in the Sülüklü Göl nature park, which is already a spectacular setting of forest and a pristine lake and the trails that run parallel. Ala Glamping has dome tents with terraces and bathrooms and is located just along the lake, making for a totally different respite in nature than the glamping experience along the coast. This is Türkiye at its quietest, coolest and calmest and is a refreshing break from the traditional holiday trail.

Courtesy: Dailysabah