Those taking, giving false oath on Quran are culprits: Shujat

F.P. Report

LAHORE: President Pakistan Muslim League (PML) and former Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujat Hussain has said that taking false oath on Holy Quran is bigger crime than taking money for vote, those taking and giving false oath on Quran both are culprits, in recent Senate election assembly members particularly women members were asked to take oath on Quran, some took oath out of compulsion, they should seek forgiveness that they will not do this in future. Those who took oath twice do not deserve any concession, none but Almighty Allah can pardon them. In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Ch Shujat Hussain said there is no “kufara” for taking oath under compulsion but Almighty Allah is the forgiver, they should accept their wrongdoing and seek true forgiveness otherwise they will not be pardoned even by their generations.

He said further that in our family has never taken oath from anyone in connection with election, “after martyrdom of my father when I and Ch Parvez Elahi entered politics then entire district had united that they should be stopped from entering in politics, when Zillah Council election approached, then there was no secret balloting and vote was given by raising hand before everyone, we took part in election and our opponents took oath on Quran, we did not took oath from anyone and in the end with the blessing of Almighty Allah Ch Parvez Elahi became Chairman District Council by one vote”. The PML President said that our father also used to say that do not trust human beings have faith in Allah and you will be successful in it. Ch Shujat Hussain said, “I will not ask Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) not to bring Quran under debate but will certainly request these people that they should offer prayer and seek forgiveness of their this wrongdoing from Almighty Allah and refrain from it in future”.