Taliban arrests married
couple after a year of eloping

DIHDADI, Balkh (Khaama Press): The Taliban arrested a married couple – a man who eloped with a betrothed woman with her consent a year ago – said the Taliban security officials in the northern Afghan province of Balkh.
The man and woman in question were arrested in the Dihdadi area of Balkh province on accusations of fleeing their home, according to Mohammad Asif Waziri, the spokesperson for the Taliban Balkh Police.
The Taliban spokesman said that the man, Jawid, eloped with an engaged girl, Dilbar, who goes by the name of Fatima, from her uncle’s house around one and a half years ago.
According to the Taliban official, the girl is from the Baba Kohna region of Dihdadi district of Balkh province in the north of Afghanistan.
The woman was allegedly engaged to another man against her will, while according to Taliban official, Waziri, she ran away from home on her own accord.
The Taliban police in Balkh province said that the elopement case of the young couple has been sent to the relevant judicial organs for further action.
Human Rights Watch reports show that up to 70% of incidents of “running away” from home are connected to escaping forced marriage or domestic violence, which Afghan women have been subjected to both.
Following the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan, several draconian decrees are made that severely restrict women’s rights, notably their freedom of movement as they are not allowed to travel without a male escort, or mahram.