Taliban distributes aid to families in Ghor

GHOR (Khaama Press): The Taliban distributed food assistance to over 1,600 needy families in Ghor province, in central Afghanistan, the Taliban-controlled Bakhtar state news agency reported.
According to the report, the Taliban government’s State Ministry for Disaster Management distributed aid to 1,609 impoverished families in Ghor province who were affected by the recent natural disasters.
Among the disaster-hit families, needy families, families of the martyrs, and the disabled also received the aid that the Taliban ministry distributed.
According to Hossamuddin Mansoor, the Taliban director of disaster management in Ghor province, 239 families affected by the reported floods in the Taywara and Passaband districts were eligible for relief, and 25% of the aid was given to the families of martyrs and people with disabilities.
The relief, which was provided to needy families by the Taliban State Ministry for Disaster Management, is comprised of staple food rations including flour, cooking oil, and rice, according to Bakhtar’s report, which was released on Tuesday, the 20th of September.
The Taliban’s aid comes as the people of Afghanistan are experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises exacerbated by the recent natural disasters, and the political turmoil resulting in widespread poverty and unemployment.