Taliban official receives honorary doctorate degree

JALALABAD (Khaama Press): The Taliban Acting Minister of Higher Education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, received an honorary doctorate degree from Nangarhar University in recognition of his “scientific and academic” contributions.

The Taliban Ministry of Higher Education announced in a tweet on Tuesday that the leadership of the ministry had received an honorary degree in recognition of his contributions to Afghanistan’s higher education system.
According to the Taliban government’s Ministry of Higher Education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, in a ceremony attended by the Taliban deputy governor for Nangarhar, was awarded this honorary degree in law and jurisprudence.

In recognition of the Taliban official’s “scientific and academic” services to the government, Nangarhar University reportedly awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in law and jurisprudence.

The Taliban official was given a “service award” in addition to his honorary doctorate degree in order to acknowledge his alleged efforts and achievements.

The Taliban official who received the honorary doctorate degree has been the subject of a UN travel ban sanction, which had previously been waived for some Taliban officials, with the exception of the Taliban Minister of Higher Education and former Minister of Education due to the deteriorating education situation in Afghanistan.