Taliban oppose educating girls in Takhar province

KABUL (Agencies): Hundreds of girls have been deprived of education as insecurity recently been intensified in northern Takhar province, provincial officials said.

Some of the provincial inhabits have voiced concerns over the Taliban’s active presence in Khwajaghar district. They said the insecurity has deprived scores of girl students from accessibility to education.

However, Abdul Rahim, a resident of the district has called poverty, security challenges and force marriage the reasons for girls’ inaccessibility to education. “We want the government to provide opportunities for education,” said Satayash, s student.

Meanwhile, head of Takhar provincial council, M. AzamAfzali said the students who reach to grade six, can’t go to schools due to Taliban’ opposition.

Moreover, the provincial education department has confirmed the issue and said the Taliban have repeatedly shut the girls’ schools. “Even they don’t let girl students in schools that have female teachers.”

But the Taliban’ Spokesman Zabiulllah Mujahid blame the foreign troops for war and conflicts in Afghanistan, saying that the issue of girl’s inaccessibility to education is natural in such condition. Takhar is one of insecure provinces in northern Afghanistan, where the Taliban have a strong presence.