Taliban regional security official killed in Northwestern Afghanistan

Herat (TOLOnews): Local sources in the Herat province of northwest Afghanistan reported that the military ranger vehicle carrying Taliban fighters overturned, killing the Taliban Security Manager for the 5th district.
The incident, according to the source, took place on Thursday evening, the 10th of November. While a source confirmed the death of the Taliban security official, the number of injured in this traffic accident is currently unknown.
Multiple road accidents reportedly occurred in Zabul, and Ghor provinces resulting in at least 3 fatalities and more than 7 injuries, according to local sources.
On Thursday, November 10, multiple traffic incidents occurred in the southern Afghan province of Zabul, and according to local sources, one person died and two others were injured. The Taliban government’s local authorities confirmed the occurrence of these incidents and stated that the deceased was a Herat resident, while two of the injured were transported to a hospital in Kandahar owing to the seriousness of their wounds. Also, a separate traffic accident in Qalat city, the provincial capital of Zabul province injured at least 4 people, sources added.
This comes as a traffic accident in Ghor province in central Afghanistan has resulted in the deaths of a mother and her little son, in the province’s Charsada district.
The pillion passenger and motorcycle rider were the victims of the traffic accident, according to the sources, which involved a collision between a motorcycle and a grader-type vehicle. The main causes of traffic accidents, which account for a sizable portion of the traffic-related fatalities in Afghanistan, are considered to be road damage and careless driving.