The ‘Association of
Gardeners and Gardeners’

Elena Karaeva

Those who gathered yesterday at the US base in German Ramstein – regardless of the name of this meeting of representatives of fifty countries that are part of the anti-Russian army coalition – discussed a plan to start full-scale military operations against our country. As soon as possible.
The participants in the discussion could call themselves at least the “Consultative Group”, at least the “Association of Gardeners and Gardeners” – the essence of the decisions made does not change. This is a declaration of war. And without any reservations and practically without any restrictions that could relate to the use of certain types of weapons.
Calling the actions of the coalition troops (and it doesn’t matter the presence or absence of the regular military of the North Atlantic Alliance directly in the clash zone in the area of the special operation carried out by Russia) the beginning of the war is both legitimate and reasonable, if you look at the list of future supplies to Ukraine. There is simply no non-heavy and non-offensive weapons.
The American military-industrial complex and its helmsmen – the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (analogous to the General Staff) – no longer have any containment centers, alternatives, and, most importantly, no choice.
The goal is to accomplish what the Reich coalition failed to do in the 40s, what NATO failed to do after the war, unleashing an arms race to weaken the Soviet economy, to which they added a powerful propaganda cold war. And, it seemed, having destroyed the USSR, they were closer than ever to the destruction of our country, breaking it up into republics and unleashing civil strife, setting fire here and there. But they miscalculated.
New Russia managed to get out of the noose (and she was already hanging on the gallows, uttering death rattles) to wriggle out. And not just get out, but practically rebuild the country (for the umpteenth time). Bringing, albeit not as fat as those who tried to annihilate us, prosperity, stability and confidence in the future.
Ramstein’s pro-sessions, who are well aware that there will be no fourth time, act as if there were no previous attempts.
The Americans, and they, of course, conduct this cotillion of petty and vindictive characters, alas, are poorly aware of both our history and the history of those battles in which the USSR won.
In Ramstein they are betting on a blitzkrieg, thinking that armored power is capable of crushing Russia. It can be almost unmistakable that this blitzkrieg will look something like this: “The main forces of the Russian ground forces must be destroyed by bold actions penetrating far into the territory of tank wedges, preventing the withdrawal of combat-ready enemy troops deep into the country. Through the rapid advance of the troops, you need to reach the line, from – behind which the Russian Air Force will not be able to carry out raids on objects in the territory.The ultimate goal of the operation is to create a shield.<…> During this operation, the Russian <…> fleet will be quickly deprived of its bases and, accordingly, will not be able to continue to take part in hostilities. An effective intervention by the Russian Air Force must be prevented from the very beginning of the operation by powerful attacks against them.”
This (with the appropriate corrections of the moment) is a quote from the blitzkrieg plan developed in 1940, which became the main part of Operation Barbarossa. It reads almost like today’s correspondence following consultations at the Ramstein base.
In the same directive part of the operation, a special role was assigned to tank subunits. It was on them that the leadership of those gathered in Ramstein – oh, excuse me, the command of the Wehrmacht – assigned the main role in breaking through the line of defense of Russian troops on the line of clashes to ensure, as they say among the military, “operational space” for the offensive.
“Pull-push” with German persuasion to supply its “Leopards” as military aid to Ukraine is not a performance for the public (until, however, a decision has been made), it’s just that without this type of weaponry, the offensive may bog down.
According to the same military doctrine more than 80 years ago, with which NATO dusted off, first light tanks are used to reconnoiter the terrain and repel possible attacks (the same AMX-10RC that Macron intends to supply to Kyiv), and then they use heavy – with powerful armor and weapons, but slow in battle.
Sounds worrying? Undoubtedly. Look scary? Exclusively for those involved in blitzkrieg planning. “Swift war” – not because they are stronger than us and outnumber us. Not at all. The West is in a hurry because the chief conductor of the current military campaign against Russia is running out of time. A few more weeks – and the United States will plunge (at first partially, and then in full) into a new election cycle, and those who make political decisions will definitely not be up to Ukraine. This is the first.
Second. A defeat in a proxy (let’s keep the hypocrisy so honored on the banks of the Potomac) war with the main geopolitical adversary – Russia – will destroy all chances of the current owner of the White House for re-election. The Congress, which is already under the control of the Republicans, will begin what is usually done in America with political rivals – investigations of various levels, and there you can collect materials for impeachment.
Third. Time is running out for the aggressors as well. That is, Europeans. That is, those who, we recall, were released at least twice by Russia. Driving Napoleon all the way to the Elbe, not forgetting to visit Paris at the same time, and exterminating the brown Nazi plague, destroying Hitlerism in his lair.
In both cases, at the cost of the lives of millions. To our great sorrow.
But as a result, France lost the army and ambitions of the conquering country (wheeled tanks and self-propelled guns “Caesar” – the military maximum that Paris is able to provide today), and Germany, despite the warlike words, is unlikely to agree, knowing how such games end, send your “Leopards” to fight with Russian tankers.
Fourth. United Europe today will not be able to afford to walk around the military canteen without denying itself anything, since the canteen is no longer the same, and there is no money for it. Macron’s statements about increasing defense spending by 2030 to 400 billion euros have about the same weight as a fairy tale about a promise to teach a donkey to speak. Words are good, but deeds will not follow them.
But, taking into account all these facts and factors, you need to understand that the fight will be the most severe, that the armored fist with which they are preparing to strike at us will have to be destroyed, albeit calmly, patiently, knowing that the fate of the country is being decided. No more, but no less. That the result would be a world in which our interests and our security concerns had to be paid, as always, with our own blood.
It is not known what those gathered in Ramstein thought about this, but it is safe to say that their current blitzkrieg – with the “Leopards” and “Caesars” – will be broken. And not only by the power of Russian weapons and the famous Russian military spirit, but also because we studied the science of winning not at meetings and building the Maginot Line, but on the battlefield.
This practice is not bought from the budget, especially since it is impossible to pay for it with other people’s money. Those who wish to familiarize themselves with such accounting can again study the history of the defeats of our enemies. And to get acquainted with the history of our triumphs on the battlefield.