The AUKUS in New Folds

The Defense Chiefs of the United States, Australia, and Britain met in Silicon Valley California to kick off their high-tech cooperation on deep space radar, AI, and quantum computing systems aimed at bolstering their armed capabilities to compete with their common adversaries including China and Russia. The trio allies under their partnership formally known as AUKUS, are currently focused on the Research and Development of highly sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies to establish their supremacy over their rivals. The alliance leaders also announced the development of a Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability that would be a reality by the end of the decade, with the capacity to peer 22,000 miles (35,000 kilometres) into space.Over the past few years, the United States turned its focus on Indo-Pacific and East Asian regions after Bejing beefed up its military presence in the South and East China Seas by constructing artificial Islands and deploying its military machine over there. Washington not only forged a strategic partnership with Australia, Japan, and India commonly known as Quad Political dialogue, but it significantly enhanced its defence and security cooperation with South Korea and Japan to confront China’s growing ingress in territorial waters in the adjoining Seas in the broader Indo-Pacific region. Historically, the creation of AUKUS was primarily aimed at supporting Australian Navy war capabilities through the provision of nuclear-powered conventional submarines to deter the Chinese threat and resist the PLA Navy’s offensive reconnaissance patrol in regional waters. Hence, the provision of three Virginian class submarines was a crucial step that would largely create a balance of power in the Far East. Canberra had long been toed a policy of neutrality and nonpartisan, desisting partnership and alliance with any of the global competitors, yet growing Chinese military buildup and divergence of interests with Beijing pushed Australia into the US-led western bloc. Presently, the US and the UK gradually empowering the Australian military by providing modern weapons and sophisticated defence technologies to contain Beijing’s resurgence in the region and beyond. The newly launched technology initiative would not only develop and deliver advanced capabilities to all three partnering nations but likely to ignite an arms race in the competing bloc as Moscow and Beijing had already echoed their concerns over increased military activity, frequent voyages of western warships, the West’s security collaboration with East Asian nations including Philippines, Veitnam and others.The global geostrategic landscapes are rapidly changing with the latest developments in the geopolitical relationships among nations across the world. Those developments surely have consequential positive or negative impacts on the states with varying interests. Presently, the tripartite alliance is augmenting its war capabilities through teamwork and collaboration that has already seen agreements with a focus on cutting-edge technologies in security, space and cyberspace domains. While, the quantum technologies will aid in navigation and weapons, as well as artificial intelligence which in turn will give rise to their strategic military capabilities in the coming years. On the other hand, Beijing has warned that three partnering countries were treading a path of error and danger after they unveiled the deal for Canberra to purchase the submarines. Now, this teamwork has achieved another milestone which will have a grave impact on Russia and China. Apparently, the chess move will surely come from the other side but at a later moment and from a different direction.