The ‘law on scoundrels’

Victoria Nikiforova

The hottest topic of recent days is what to do with the traitors to the motherland who fled abroad and curse us en masse from there. Almost every other day we receive the next “revelations”.
The phenomenon has taken on such a scale that, for example, yesterday Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak, who called for everything to be done for the speedy return to Russia of citizens who left the country, immediately made a reservation that this does not apply to those who “allowed themselves public attacks against our country and armed forces.
It is quite natural that against such a background, the post of State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin about the need to confiscate property from those who insult our society and the army predictably broke the Internet. At the time of writing, there were already 18 thousand comments. The absolute majority supports the “law on scoundrels”.
People can be understood. The weapon of the most massive destruction in the NWO was the filth that people with bright faces pour on their country. Sometimes you just shrug your shoulders: where did they accumulate all this – over conversations about post-structuralism and neo-colonialism? These unfortunates are simply writhing with hatred for their own fellow citizens.
I remember that the same disgusting astonishment was caused in all normal people by the bacchanalia in social networks, which the residents of Nezalezhnaya staged about the death of people in Odessa on May 2. How many monstrous jokes there were, it is impossible even to quote this rubbish, I want to forget it, like a bad dream.
However, Ukrainians were corrupted by propaganda for a long time and skillfully and, like experimental cultures, were raised in anti-Russia. Their highest authority – the white Western gentlemen – allowed them to tear off the coating of civilization from themselves and dehumanize to the fullest.
And here in front of us our own fellow citizens are writhing and foaming. Our, as they say, “inner Ukraine”. They mock the grief of mothers and fathers who have lost their children, our murdered heroes, our desire to defend our Russia, no matter what the cost.
The fact that we grew up in the same country gave them excellent knowledge of our pain points. Well, they are trying. And then, as if nothing had happened, they come to draw up a pension and tax deductions, to treat their aging bodies for free, that is, they use the infrastructure of the very state that they dream of destroying and turning into “radioactive ashes.”
It was Russia that gave them the opportunity to live well, eat and drink sweetly, buy apartments for fees and successfully rent them out, having gone abroad. They impudently take advantage of what we have built over the past 20 years, and at the same time ask their Western masters to bomb us into the Stone Age, and quickly.
What can we say about people with connections or, as they said in the USSR, with “blat”. For 30 years, they have grown a whole mycelium of connections, untwisted thanks to them – and now they are using this not sickly resource with might and main. Their books continue to be sold in Russian stores, their films and series are on television. When the public is already screaming, their names can be bashfully removed from the posters, but copyrights continue to drip. Cunning accountants of our theaters and film studios will be able to transfer them into a crypt, what’s the problem?
An astonishing breed of nomadic parasites has bred — they seem to suck money from Russia and at the same time demand that Russia be physically destroyed. Together with us, of course, dear readers, with us.
If these citizens retain their fodder base, administrative resources, influence on the minds in Russia, then at some point they will try to return. Yes, now they are dreaming of a ride on the Abrams along Tverskaya. But it won’t work out like that – and the smartest ones have already understood this. And abroad it is hungry, cold, teeth treatment is expensive, the emigration has already gnawed a hundred times within itself, the curators do not get in touch.
And now our runners will slowly seep back – “gardens”, so to speak. And they will try to fall back on life-giving financial flows. Old acquaintances will be raised, old connections will be used. “What’s the matter? – they will say with a blue eye. – We are citizens of Russia.”
Together with them, many of them will bring all their emigrant complexes, all their envy, hatred and still inescapable resentment towards us – the victors. Am I the only one who thinks that they will pose a public danger? In my opinion, “good Russians” for the most part are a classic breeding ground for breeding very specific terrorists and extremists.
It is clear that with this disgrace I want to do something. But lawyers tell us that, for example, it is impossible to deprive citizenship of people with bright faces, even if they commit specific crimes against the state or encourage them to commit other people. This is said to be unconstitutional.
Note that the “good Russians” here again enjoy the advantages of the system that we have built in Russia. Yes, we have a democratic state, yes, our constitution is not only exemplary written, it is also honestly executed. Few countries can boast of this. Look, the Americans, just as they adopted the “Patriot Act” after the September 11 terrorist attack, did away with almost all their constitutional freedoms at once. And nothing. They’ve been living like this for twenty years. It is believed that the state “defends democracy” in this way. But we are not like that.
What are we? It is not difficult to predict that Volodin’s initiative will face no less criticism than the proposal to revoke citizenship for discrediting the army and the NVO. What, in the opinion of an ordinary citizen, is a vile crime, in the opinion of a lawyer, is just an offense “committed using the Internet.” And what is there for the violator? Well, a fine (less or more), some mandatory work. The verdict is accompanied free of charge by the halo of the sufferer from the Kremlin regime, which the convict will proudly wear and show to his curators in order to beg for another grant.
Our fellow citizens who have been discharged from the Russians are well aware of all our laws and know how to circumvent them. One can condemn a person for lies and slander against our army. But what to do with an individual who, with mocking comments, sends friends a photo of Alexander Dugin at the place of his daughter’s death? It’s not like a crime, is it? It turns out that only God’s court will judge this case.
Thanks, of course, to such exemplary scoundrels as Ilya Ponomarev with his coming out about some kind of terrorist group in Russia, which he joyfully made immediately after the murder of Dugina. There, of course, he told himself a very long time. With this, everything is clear.
Everything is clear with those figures who cooperate with the special services of our strategic opponents. There are specific and heavy articles of the Criminal Code. However, the attention of Western intelligence agencies still needs to be earned. Most of the “good Russians” only hope for this, cursing themselves as if they were not themselves. And there is no article on them. Vileness does not qualify as a crime.
What to do with the more cowardly scoundrels, who neatly lay straws for themselves, so that when they return home, they will not run into Russian justice? How to understand the varieties of traitors? How to separate them from each other?
It will be very sad if the law on confiscation of property in Russia is adopted, but it will be bypassed by rich and influential people – alas, they know how to circumvent laws. At the same time, it would be a pity if, for some repost, a young IT specialist, who still has his whole life ahead of him, loses his Khrushchev in Tambov or Perm. Here again the same question: how to separate the convinced traitors to the motherland from the fools who trusted them?
A separate danger is that phones and accounts are now being hacked. What prevents bright-faced hackers from creating a fake account of a well-known Russian politician in social networks and posting all sorts of nasty things on his behalf? Russians now have no access to Twitter, and Musk plans to sell abandoned accounts. Well, some patriot suddenly sees that his twitter double is spreading slander against the Russian army, and he will start having problems with Russian law?
The Internet was specifically conceived as a gray area in which no laws apply. Right now, when you read these lines, gullible citizens are cheated on the net, swindling them into millions of rubles, endless coaches, fortune-tellers, gurus, escorts, information gypsies. It is not surprising that embittered emigrants from Russia joined their ranks. It is a pity, of course, that the owners of social networks – even domestic ones – are very lazy and reluctant to block their ugly content.
Our strategic partners are much tougher. The same Musk recently made public the correspondence of the FBI from San Francisco with the authorities of Twitter. There, the “men in black” directly dictated to the leaders of the social network which accounts to close. The management, without even a peep, carried out all orders. Go picnic: the “black funnel” will immediately come for you – and remember your name. However, these are not our methods, of course.
There is no doubt that legal incidents with traitors to the motherland will be resolved. Yes, it seems difficult now. However, there was a time when multimillion-dollar fines against Western Internet corporations seemed unthinkable. Well, let alone close some social network in Russia – no one could even think about it. Now this is commonplace.
Much, I think, depends on the law enforcement officers themselves. Remember how difficult it was to bring cases against social media admins who persuaded children to commit suicide. However, gradually developed and here its own successful practice. The scoundrels began to receive serious real terms.
In the meantime, I would like to remind you of the need to observe information hygiene. Wash your hands before eating. Do not catch any infection in social networks. Before buying a book or a ticket to the theater, check if the author sends his income to the VES.
While lawyers are arguing among themselves, a public boycott can be a good reminder to our bright-faced fellow citizens that things will not be the same as before. The country has changed irrevocably. Scoundrels and traitors are not welcome here.