The West’s multilateral war against Islam

Yusuf Kaplan

The world as we know it is shattering.

We are witnessing the hegemony of the world we know and the world that Western civilization built on earth together with modernity, collapse.

The west is the prisoner of the world it built

We have before us a paradox that is hard to see at first glance.

What is this?

It means that as the hegemony of the Western civilization deepens, the crisis it is going through is also getting deeper, and that some time later it may get out of control and drag the world to the verge of major disasters.

To put it in more theoretically and elegantly, Western civilization has become the prisoner of the world it established; after a certain period of time, it is not going to be able to avoid becoming the victim of the world it established.

What we are going through is something like this: the West sanctified power, but power is regurgitating the load with which it was burdened. Power-generating tools and power-generating technologies made humans soulless – primarily of course, the Westerners.

Humans are now slaves of tools. Westerners produced these “attractive, sleek” tools, but they fooled humans and enslaved them.

Void of meaning and loss of freedom: boom of nihilism forms

Very deep-seated philosophical, political and economic problems started to emerge here.

Secular people who idolized humans have been dragged to a void of significance because they caricaturized the idea of God and evaporated the truth.

As an inevitable result of this, humans lost their freedom.

A meaning crisis and loss of freedom throws humans to the edge of passive and active nihilism forms. The passive nihilism form ends in the denial of life. Life loses meaning: people hold on to life by running away from it. People try to hold on to life by running from life to the stadiums, movie theaters, and music and dance halls. In other words, they are trying to live by forgetting life. Because it is difficult to continue a life that has become meaningless. This game is actually the suicide of life.

The suicide of life leads to the denial of life. This is the form of active nihilism: the denial of life leads to the suicide of life, and this paves the way the way to human suicide. Passive and active nihilism forms inevitably show their impact in international relations as well.

Life that has become meaningless, the motive to preserve power, jungle law leaving its mark on international relations are drawing the world to the verge of new conflicts, wars and disasters.

The west’s multilateral war against Islam

The global system owes its ability to continue its existence and sovereignty to the other: to inventing the other; a monstrous, terrifying enemy. In the past quarter century, it is fighting this “enemy” it invented, especially in our region. It is fighting Islam from abroad, invading, dividing and turning the key countries of the Muslim world into hell, and carrying out an Islamic war against the religion from the inside, through the terrorist organizations it invented and parallel religions.

In other words, it is fighting a war by both making the Muslim world kneel from abroad and by transforming Islam from within to prevent the Muslim world from recovering and uniting for a joint civilization march.

The 20th century started with World War I. The Ottoman Empire was stopped, India was divided, and the Arab world and Turkey were divided, while dictators aimed at spreading ideologies such as socialism and nationalism throughout societies were imposed upon the united Muslim world.

These ideologies collapsed by the mid-century. The aim was to stop Islamic discourses from producing a wave that would lead to a march of civilization. The 20th century went down in history as the century that the Muslim world was divided and pushed out of history as a history-maker actor.

The conflict between capitalism and socialism was a fake conflict aimed at strengthening the global system, and more importantly, preventing the Muslim world from recovering – by means of extracting the ideologies in question. The 21st century started with the ending of the Cold War in 1989, and adopting the “war against Islam” and “Islamic war against Islam” methods as the fundamental global strategy.

Islam’s reviving spirit and dynamism

The 21st century is going to be an era during which they try to prevent the Muslim world from recovering and realizing a history-making civilization march.

The Muslim world is going to go through an extremely trying period in the first half century, but eventually, it is going to take steps in the second half of the century that will enable it to overcome this tough period.

I know what I am saying now has no tangible response. But by looking at everything happening globally, I see that despite capitalism having taken control over China, India and Japan, having destroyed China, India and Japan’s soul, having divided the Muslim world to pieces and turned it into a wreck, considering the fact that it could not transform Islam, that it could not destroy the spirit of Islam, I see that it is going to pave the way for this deadly darkness to be brightened by the dawn dawn, and the pains we are going through will turn into labor pains, and that the Muslim world’s possibility of discovering the Islamic spirit, recovering and embarking on a long-term historic march is alive.

However, there are essential ideological, cultural, economic and political steps that need to be taken to achieve this. I am going to discuss these steps in tomorrow’s article.