Timely delivery of justice vital: President

F.P. Report
QUETTA: President Dr Arif Alvi has said that timely delivery of justice especially in minor cases holds key importance to prevent worsening of disputes and avoiding bloodshed. Addressing a seminary in the provincial capital Quetta on Wednesday, he said the federal and provincial ombudsman had their key role in the promotion of public service and good governance.
Dr. Arif Alvi said that as a member of National Assembly (NA) in 2017, he proactively worked for passing a bill related to alternate dispute resolution to reduce the burden on the mainstream judiciary. He pointed out, “When physical interaction was not possible owing to security issues, the executives including himself must have arranged online setups such as “Zoom meetings” to ensure direct communication with the common people to guarantee timely justice delivery.”
Last night, he said, “He disposed of 10 cases of the federal ombudsman and normally he disposes of the cases of appeals in just a few hours. President Alvi also stressed the need to raise awareness about the role of the ombudsman as few people were currently aware of its role.
He also directed for removal of obstacles in the way of interaction between government officials and the common people. He said, “Islam teaches people to show patience and forgiveness to promote peace and harmony in society.” “No nation needs any foreign aid if they truly follow the values and teachings of Islam.”
Referring to the living standards of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the His companions, the president also asked the country’s executives to follow them and adopt the living standard of the common man. Speaking about the importance of woman’s rights and their participation in society, the president said, “Islam is the first religion that emphasized to provide an inheritance to women and in Quran it has been emphasized with clarity.”
Normally in our society, he said women of a family withdrew their inheritance rights in favour of their brothers which happened often under pressure. However, he said it rarely happened that men of a family withdrew their inheritance right in favour of their sisters. Stressing the need to ensure the women’s participation in every field of life, President Alvi said the country could not afford the burden of 52% population, therefore they must be given freedom in public places so that they could freely work at any place.