Tourists visit historical places in Kandahar

KANDAHAR (TOLOnews): Chinese tourists came to Kandahar to visit historical and ancient places. These tourists said that they were determined to come to Afghanistan for a long time and added that the country is more developed than what they had heard about. “We had decided to come to Afghanistan before, but the ground was not provided. Now that we have come, we see a lot of progress in the country, and we hope that Afghanistan will progress even more,” said a tourist. “I will come to Afghanistan again with my family, Afghanistan will develop again because it is a member of the Belt and Road Initiative project.,” said a tourist. The Information and Culture Department of Kandahar said that in the past six months, nearly 250 foreign tourists have visited the province. “In the first six months of the year, about 250 foreign tourists from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asian countries, Arab countries, India, Pakistan and Iran have come to the province,” said Enamullah Samangani, head of the department. “These historical places of Afghanistan are very important, and we must protect them. I ask the Islamic Emirate to set a specific budget for better maintenance of historical places,” said Mairwis, a resident of Kandahar. “My request is that these historical places should be preserved so that they are not destroyed,” said Janan, a resident of Kandahar. The Department of Information and Culture of Kandahar, in addition to ensuring security, says that increased opportunities are one of the reasons for the increase of foreign tourists in this province.