Factory making intravenous lines, medicine starts up

KABUL (TOLOnews): A drips and medicine production factory has been opened in Kabul with an investment of $25 million. The head of the factory said that by establishing the factory, they have provided work for hundreds of people. In the factory, work is provided 24 hours, and (tens of thousands) of drips will be produced in the factory every 24 hours, there are 10 types of drips,” said Tawab Ghafory, head of the factory. The Chamber of Industry and Mines said that so far the problems of the factory owners are the lack of electricity and land distribution section have not been resolved, and they want the Islamic Emirate to pay attention to the issue as well. “The deputy has cooperated with us regarding electricity, land, and increasing tariffs, we want more cooperation in the field,” said Sakhi Ahmad Payman, deputy of the chamber. “We have committed to supply drips in the country through the factory,” said Abdul Jabbar Safi, head of the industrial union. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce pledged that they support all investors in the country. We call on all our countrymen to cure the pains of the nation, come and invest the property that God has given you in the country for your countrymen,” said Qudratullah Jamal, deputy of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Before this, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said that the work on 39 industrial parks was ongoing on in the country and currently Afghanistan has reached self-sufficiency with 50 items.