Traders’ role vital in economic progress: SCCI

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: President of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fuad Ishaq said businessmen are the backbone of the economy and a leading contributor to the economic progress and prosperity of the country.

The SCCI chief recalled the business community of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had rendered incalculable sacrifices in war against terrorism, which are exemplary and their no precedence in any part of the world. He said the business community required proper patronage of the government and relief to mitigate hardships of the crisis and war-hit traders’ in KP province and to continue their share in economic prosperity and development.

Fuad Ishaq was speaking to a traders delegation led by SCCI’s former president and Anjuman E Tajaran Khyber Pakhtunkhwa president Haji Muhammad Afzal here at the chamber’s house on Wednesday.

The SCCI’s vice president Ijaz Khan Afridi also present in the meeting. The delegation consisted of presidents and office bearers of different bazaars and markets traders union and associations, prominently the Anjuman E Tajaran Khyber Pakhtunkhwa senior vice chairman Pir Dilawar, secretary general Malik Abid Hafeez, vice presidents Saddar Gul, Tariq Haideri, Haji Gul Zaman, Haji Sherzada Mohmand, Haji Ihsanullah Mohmand, Information Secretary Saleem Bokhari, Ajab Khan, Haji Sabz Ali, Muhammad Ayub, Haji Khanzada, Rabail Gul, Ishtiaq Paracha, Haji Liaqat, Haji Nadeem Rauf, Haji Shah Muhammad, Malik Miraj, Raza Khan, presidents, secretaries of different bazaars traders unions and associations were present in a large number on the occasion.

Fuad Ishaq on the occasion assured traders’ issues will be taken up with relevant authorities in an efficient manner and proactive steps would be taken to gain maximum relief, incentives and facilities for the business community. While recounting achievements, he said SCCI is an effective voice and solely platform of the business community, which had played an important role in provision of special incentives and relief to the community. He said the country’s economy is still dire strait.

He added the melting economy can only be revived by providing special incentives, relief and facilities to the business community by central and provincial governments.

Fuad Ishaq called for elimination of multiple/ double taxes, reforms in the existing taxation system and simplifying procedures for the filing of tax returns. He furthermore emphasized the broadening of the tax-base instead of imposing further burden of additional/new taxes on taxpayers. The SCCI’s chief called for restructuring and revamping of trade and export related institutions.

Earlier, the Anjum E Tajaran KP president Haji Muhammad Afzal formally congratulated Fuad Ishaq for being elected as president of the chamber. He on the occasion highlighted a number of issues that were being faced by the business community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Haji Afzal expressed the hope that newly elected president Fuad Ishaq along with the rest of the cabinet will play a crucial role in resolving business community issues. Fuad Ishaq said they will give due respect and take up all issues of traders by keeping view of their dignity and resolve all issues on priority grounds by effectively taking up with the relevant government authorities.