Traffic Warden service structure: PHC orders to entertain under police rules

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: A divisional bench comprising of Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Justice Qaiser Rashid and Justice Syed Arshad Ali directed provincial government to provide Service Structure under Police Rules clause 12 sub-section 4 to Traffic Wardens while disposed off Contempt of Court petition, on Tuesday.

The counsel argued that petitioner Shah Fahad was recruited six years earlier while the petitioner still don’t confirmed on Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) posy and his colleagues in regular police has promoted to Inspector in same timeframe.

The counsel further argued that PHC has disposed off writ on assurance that service rules are formulated and should be notified after approval from Department of Law.
In the meantime, Advocate General Shumail Ahmad Butt argued that there is no need for separate service structure for Traffic Wardens because Police Rules clause 12 sub-section 4 entertaining petitioner’s please while Secretary Law appeared before PHC.

The petitioner Shah Fahad informed that if government can entertain him under police Rules clause 12 sub-section then he will withdraw the petition while PHC ordered to apply same rules and disposed off the Contempt of Court petition.