Tribesmen block Pak-Afghan road in Landi Kotal

Ahmad Nabi

LANDI KOTAL: Pak-Afghan highway was blocked by residents of Shiekhwal, ZakhaKhel for traffic movement in protest of suspension of flow of electricity to the area here on Tuesday.

Dozens of the dwellers of the area appeared on the main Pak-Afghan road at Sheikwal point and set on fire the woods to block the highway.

Speaking on the occasion those who led the protest including Alamzeb, Malik Abdullah Khan, AttaullahAfridi and others said that  three day back, dwellers of SaduKhel tribe had cut off their connection of the joint feeder that suspended the flow of electricity to the Shiekwal area. As a result routine life came to halt in the locality.

They threatened that till resuming of the power supply, they would not open the road. However, after successful dialog between the protestors and the Assistant Commissioner, LandiKotal, Muhammad Imran Yousafzai, the road that was blocked for an hour was resume for all kinds of traffic.