Trump’s impeachment

Yesterday the Democrats lawmakers in US Congress decided to initiate a campaign for swift impeachment of President Donald Trump, so he could not inflict any more damage to the American nation or even ignite a nuclear war during his final days at While House. According to Democrats the purposes of impeachment are to punish and remove the Trump for inciting fatal rebellion at the hills. Interestingly, several important Publicans also sided with the Democrats at this point demanding decisive, immediate action against the Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is continuously pushing the vice president Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke constitutional authority through 25th Amendment to force him out. She declared the President as a threat to democracy after the deadly assault on the Capitol Hills. Although, there are only 9 days left with President Trump in office but most of the lawmakers fear that he may commit something irreparable and disastrous to the country and being the Commander In-Chief and Custodian of the nukes it is more threatening to all. The lawmakers are heading for impeachment to avoid such situation, and if not so than keep the water boiling to keep him cool.

Presently, the House is preparing for pre-impeachment necessary legislation for onward impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. The Democrats have prepared a draft of their Articles of Impeachment, in which the President is accused of abuse of power by willfully made statements that encouraged and resulted in impending uncontrolled action at the Capitol.

After the violent attack on the US democracy and Democratic systems by the Trump supporters. Although the terrible episode is over, however, it left several questions on Americans political system and the decision-making process within a party. The Republicans are clearly divided in to two groups before and after January 6. It appears Republicans lawmakers were not agreed on a unified party policy regarding confirmation of Biden, therefore each lawmaker acted according to his own personal approach.

Other side of the Curtain, Trump is swaying to strengthen his defense for upcoming impeachment trial at US Senate. Trump looks himself secure by having Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz as his defender during his second impeachment trial at the Senate. As per reports, the House Rules Committee of US Congress has met on Monday to approve a rule that would govern floor debate for an impeachment resolution and to consider the bill moved by the member House Rules Committee and Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin to create a new mechanism to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Republican Rep. Alex Mooney (R-VA) blocked the resolution moved by Rep. Jamie Raskin urging Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, now the house will vote on the resolution on next day. There is also an ongoing debate among the US lawmakers about the character and role of those Republican lawmakers who sided with Trump on January 6. The 14th amendment of the US Constitution is being considered to forbids the seating of those lawmakers in the house secessions, who shell have in engaged in rebellion on that day. However, all these activities are being carried out hurriedly due to shortage of time. Democrats are enthusiastic to launch two more attempts on the floor of the house on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. The chances of Democrats success are less due to Republican’s opposition and limited secessions of the house before Jan 20, last day of the President Trump in office. The Democrats and like-minded Republican lawmakers are pushing hard for impeachment of President Trump despite the limited days left with him because they want to eliminate the least chances of any future political prospects for him.