Twitter CEO warns of dangerous precedent in Trump ban

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey broke his silence with a philosophical Twitter thread defending his company’s ban of President Donald Trump as the right decision, although he warned that it could set a dangerous precedent.

When Twitter called out Trump’s incitement to violence, Dorsey said the company faced an “extraordinary and untenable circumstance” with respect to public safety. “I believe this was the right decision for Twitter,” Dorsey wrote.

But such bans, he said, also point up Twitter’s “failure” to create an open and healthy space for what Dorsey calls the “global public conversation.” In effect, he suggested, taking extreme steps with public figures actions such as banning Trump highlight the extraordinary power that companies like his can wield — and the collateral damage that such actions can lead to.

The Twitter co-founder, however, had little specific to say about how his platform or other Big Tech companies could avoid such choices in the future.

Courtesy: AP News