Two people killed, wounded in own mine blast in Ghazni

GHAZNI (Ariana News): A person was killed and another wounded in their own mine explosion in central Ghazni province, local officials said on Sunday.

Ahmad Khan Sirat, a spokesman for Ghazni police told Ariana News that the incident has taken place in the provincial capital, Ghazni city, on early Sunday morning.

According to Sirat, the individuals wanted to plant two mines in the Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznawi’s Tomb at Rawza area of Ghazni city.

He added that one the mine blasted off before reaching the aim, in which one of the individuals was killed and the other one was injured.

An unexploded mine was also defused at the area by the Afghan security forces, the official added.

Sirat stressed that the individuals have links with the Taliban militant group.

The Taliban yet to make a comment about the incident.