Twp schools after
constructions opened

BALKH (Agencies) Two schools the first with 16 class room and the other with 4 class room opened in Balkh after construction said Mawlawi Abdul Jalil Shahidkhel, head of Education in that province.
A ceremony held on this occasion; Sayed Khan Agha Mosavi, the director of Imam Hussain School, said that in this school, 1,700 male and female students are engaged in learning science and knowledge.
He said that in the light of the Islamic Emirate victory significant change has been made mentioning that work construction in some schools has been completed and 18 new teacher positions added to the formation of the Education department of the province.
Shahidkhil on his speech thanked the “OSA” knowledge support organization, called the acquisition of science and knowledge effective in the development of the society and assured the provision of social justice in the Islamic Emirate.
He called the quota and the transfer of 18 teacher posts to Imam Hussain secondary school this year a significant job and promised to cooperate in addressing the administrative and teaching problems of that school.
Another official at the department of Education said that these two buildings of Imam Hossain’s secondary school were built at the cost of 509,768 USA with the financial support of the OSA Education Support Institution.