UK’s politics and migration issue

Great Britain has plunged into another socio-political crisis on the issue of Sunak’s government Emergency Rwanda Legislation as the British lawmakers are scheduled to hold their first vote on controversial legislation next week. The ruling Conservative Party faced fresh infighting after Sunak’s government unveiled its latest attempt to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, which sparked the resignation of the immigration minister who demanded tougher measures to combat the curse. The recent bill compels judges to treat Rwanda as a safe country and proposes giving ministers powers to disregard sections of human rights legislation. But hardliners including former Interior Minister Suella Braverman and former Migration Minister Jenrick want powers to go further and dismiss the European Convention on Human Rights altogether, to prevent the courts from halting the extradition of illegal migrants.

Illegal migration has become a great challenge to nations across Europe and North America ranging from the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Spain to the UK, Poland, and Belarus because people from Asia, Africa, and Latin America move illegally from their countries through sea or land routes to secretly enter wealthier nations in the West. A mass exodus of the population from poor, developing, and violence-hit nations is underway to reach prosperous Western countries. Refugees of diverse colours, creeds, and backgrounds have caused unimaginable social, economic, administrative, and law and order issues for the host nations. Consequently, multiple Western nations introduced strict immigration regimes to curb the number of migrants from certain developing countries that restricted legal migration but encouraged illegal exodus and volunteer human trafficking.

Interestingly, the UK was one of the lucrative destinations for migrants from across the globe because of Great Britain’s Royal immigration laws, human rights standards, and civil liberties. However, the criminals and crooks instead of educated/ talented individuals took full advantage of the UK’s domestic laws, and hundreds of thousands of people made refuge and got asylum in England or entered secretly into Great Britain giving birth to countless social, economic, and administrative issues in that nation. The mass influx of migrants put pressure on public services including healthcare, housing, and education along with promoting an informal economy, unemployment and strict job competition for native people. Meanwhile, the continuous arrival of asylum seekers through boats from the English Channel led to a sharp rise in street crimes and caused serious security and law and order issues for the government. Previously, the Johnson administration struck a deal with Rwanda to deport all illegal migrants to Kagali until their legal status was defined by the courts/ authorities. However, the agreement was challenged by human rights groups in the UK’s top Court which declared the UK-Rwanda migrant deal unlawful and void. The British Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the government scheme would put asylum seekers at risk of ill-treatment and they could be sent back to their home countries once in Rwanda.

Presently, the issue makes immigration a major political battleground in the UK’s general election expected next year, while this quandary has put enormous pressure on Sunak’s government under threat from a party split. Currently, promises to clamp down on illegal migration across the English Channel is a key election strategy as the political groups get ready for next year’s nationwide polls. The ruling Conservative party has made repeated efforts to stop the mass influx of illegal migrants along with putting a halt to arrivals through lawful means. But the UK’s Supreme Court foiled all such attempts by British leaders so far. The resolute politicians are considering extraordinary measures including cancelling Great Britain’s human rights laws and abandoning the European Convention on Human Rights, so the judges could not unturn their future policies about undocumented migration. Interestingly, there are several other methods to curb illegal migration that involve measures including border security, immigration policy reforms, and international cooperation. However, mixed generations and legatees of Anglo-Indians have now become the worst enemy of refugees otherwise, Britians had been living with the lower classes throughout the past.