UK’s probabilistic politics

According to the media, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked Conservative Party chair and Finance Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, after an investigation found him of committing a serious breach by not being open about a tax probe. According to the details, an independent investigation revealed that British Finance Secretary Zahawi didn’t declare that his tax affairs were being investigated when he was appointed finance minister last year, and also failed to disclose details when Prime Minister Sunak appointed him to his current role of Conservative Party Chair.

The UK’s Conservatives are persistently under ignominy and hardluck as their government shook up twice as recurrent scandals forced Boris Johnson to quit Downing Street while poor performance and a lack of ground realities compelled Liz Truss to leave the administrations. Rushi Sunak, the third Conservative leader in a single year is battling the repercussions of poor performance and scandals of his aides and Conservative High ups. Presently, two Conservatives MPs, Finance Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi and Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab are under probe for their alleged tax evasion and sexual misconduct respectively. The recent scandals have become a great setback and challenge for the administration of Rushi Sunak during the fourth month of rule in the crisis-hit UK. Rushi Sunak, who assumed power with the sole agenda of merit and transparency after his two predecessors stepped down for their failed legacies and selfish politics. Although, British tories had denied the charges and they have lot of tacts and tools to prove their innocence yet they had been fired from the public offices.

In fact, misdemeanor and felonies are the human weaknesses and no one ever claims exemption from it. However, their acknowledgement, remorse and confirmation of reward/ penalty is the essence of high morality and very rare in the nations around the world. Realistically, thirdworld leaders delibrately lie before the court and deceived adjudicaters to wave off their crimes and clear their way to the top slots, many ruled their nations twice and others mulling to contest elections. Thus, this is the rule of the law which set apart royal from bondsman and segregate pure from the prone.