UN chief calls for increased financing to counter effects of climate change

ISLAMABAD (APP): United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for substantial increase in financing to the developing countries for adaptation resilience to counter the negative effects of climate change.
In an interview with PTV, aired on Sunday he said, “It is crucial that financial support to the developing countries in relation to adaptation resilience increases substantially.”
“We need $300 billion for the adaptation of developing countries. Strong responsibility is needed for that.” Guterres said losses and damages to the environment were foreseen in the Paris agreement but there was no progress or serious discussion on the issue.
He was hopeful that progress would take place on the issue of climate change during upcoming discussions at the international level.
Talking about the destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan, he said, “I have no words to describe what I have seen as the flooded area is three times larger than my country Portugal.” “I saw an unprecedented natural disaster, clearly caused by climate change and the people suffered enormously. People lost their houses, crops, cattle, livelihoods and some of them have to pay the loans that they asked for in order to plant crops. It is a human tragedy of an enormous dimension.”
The UN Secretary General said at the same time he was deeply moved and inspired when he heard the stories of women and men who had abandoned their houses in order to go and rescue the neighbours to safety.
These examples of generosity, solidarity and courage make him feel that the world has the responsibility to massively support Pakistan, he said adding the dimension of the problem was enormous and the country did not have the resources to make their people and economy recover from the disaster. “We need to stop the war on nature. The nature is striking back with devastating consequences in Pakistan and other parts of the world,” he remarked.
He said the victims of the natural disasters were not that polluted but the victims were in those places that were less protected against the nature due to climate change. “The international support is not a matter of generosity but a matter of justice. We must raise awareness and we must speak loudly against the tragedy.”