UNHCR deputy calls for continued aid to Afghanistan

KABUL (TOLONews): The UNHCR’s deputy high commissioner for refugees, Yumiko Takashima, said that humanitarian aid to Afghanistan needs to be continued.

In an interview with TOLO News, Takashima said that ninety-eight percent of the people of Afghanistan are below the poverty line and more than half of the country’s population needs urgent aid.

“One of the things that I have been requesting of donors is that please, we see suffering every day. We are here in Afghanistan because we want to help people, so, please let us help, and I really hope that there will be the situation where we can really help people with all the support from donors, but right now it is becoming more and more difficult,” she said.

This UN official said that the recent decisions of the Islamic Emirate have had a bad effect on humanitarian aid.

The deputy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees noted that the organization has helped nearly 1,300 families in Paktika province in the building of their houses.

The Islamic Emirate welcomes the humanitarian assistance provided by the world community to Afghanistan.

“The world must maintain and expand its cooperation with the Afghan people. The problems must be solved. It is in everyone’s best interest to contribute to Afghanistan’s stability and security. The Islamic Emirate is grateful for the assistance that has been provided so far. it is the Islamic Emirate’s responsibility to distribute the help in a transparent manner,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

Meanwhile, some economists believe that the continuation of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan is crucial in the current situation.

“More than ever, the people need aid from the international community, and the growth of women’s business also contributes to a decrease in social poverty,” said, an economist.

Earlier, the UN said that more than 28 million people in Afghanistan need help.