Universities to open for 4th-year students

KABUL (Tolo News): Lutfullah Khairkhwa, deputy minister of Higher Education, said in a conference in Kabul that the fourth-year’s courses (semesters 7-8) of public universities will begin in the coming 15 days. The deputy minister said preparations have been made to reopen public universities in the country.
“In 10 to 15 days, you will witness the beginning of students’ courses that are in the last semesters,” he said. Khairkhwa denied rumors that legal and political departments have been abolished from the country’s education system, but says that the Islamic Emirate is against the way of teaching which has been done in universities in the past twenty years. “Regarding the faculties, I have to say that no faculty will be abolished,” he said. The deputy minister called on lecturers who have left Afghanistan to come back and cooperate with the Ministry of Higher Education in building the country’s education system.
Meanwhile, some of the students called on the Ministry of Higher Education to open the doors of public universities as soon as possible. “It has been over a year that universities have been closed. We ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen universities for the students so they can continue their education,” said Nasir, a university student. Khairkhwa’s remarks follow an announcement a few days ago by the acting minister of higher education saying that public universities will soon reopen.