University students complain of lack of teachers

KABUL (TOLONews): On Thursday, International Students’ Day, students at universities complained of a lack of teachers.
According to them, the lack of teachers has a negative impact on the educational process of students.
“We don’t have good lecturers in universities and that is one of the biggest problems,” said Mohammad Reza, a student. “We call on the government to deal with problems that exist against women,” said Maryam, a student.
Meanwhile, some lecturers said that because of economic challenges students cannot continue their education in a normal way.
“Lack of motivation, immigration issues and economic challenges are the reasons that our youth cannot learn completely,” said Mohammad Zahir Halimi, a lecturer.
“It is necessary that organizations and the Ministry of Higher Education support public and private universities,” said Mustafa Ibrahimi, a lecturer.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education spoke about efforts being made to keep the educational system strong.
“We are trying to make laboratories and libraries, do comparative research and hold conferences at universities and build good relations between public and private universities,” said Ziaullah Hashimi, spokesman for the Ministry of High Education.