Untransparent recruitment a key issue

A divisional bench of Peshawar High Court (PHC) ordered Secretary along with the Director of General Health and Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to initiate actions against District Health Officer and Medical Superintendent (MS) Nowshera for illegal recruitment. According to the detail, the court was hearing a case of illegal recruitment by District Health Authorities in Nowshera while the bureaucrats argued that the government had ordered to recruit staff directly without advertisement because the province is facing a financial crisis.

The state of Pakistan has witnessed an extreme level of corruption, nepotism, and cronyism in the past years that turned each and every institution into a white elephant for the nation due to its decoys, and nonproductiveness. Over the years, Pakistani state institutions faced political interference in their operation and policy affairs as well as administrative and recruitment affairs by the ruling elite that not only marred their efficiency but also led to their institutional depletion and malfunctioning.

According to critics, the cancer of corruption and cronyism starts from the top and travels downward and it exists in all civilian and military institutions and no department has an exemption from it. Similarly, all institutions claim to have some kind of departmental regressive monitoring and accountability mechanisms, however, all those are spongy measures that only work for the lower class and have no reach to the top brass. Thus, misuse of authority, no implementation of the law, and theft of government resources are common in all government departments while influential do not fear any censure, accountability, or reprimand for their condemnable actions.

In fact, there is a dire need for a fearless and independent justice system that works mechanically for the implementation of the law and empowers to prosecute each and every public office holder involve in corrupt practices, so the law, merit, and transparency can be ensured in the country, otherwise, all reformers, adjudicators, and public saviours demand strict accountability for others and special amenities for themselves and their colleagues.