US allegations against Pakistan is baseless: Imran Khan

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan has said that more than 150000 NATO and Americans soldiers were failed to handle the small number of insurgents to enter in the Afghanistan and now they are blaming for Pakistan in this regard.

Imran Khan said this while giving interview to American news channel CNN. He said that Pakistan was helping the US after 9/11 attacks in the fight against  terrorism and lost 70,000 people and also destroyed our economy to hundreds of billion dollars still we are not trust worthy and they (US) leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan.

After all this sacrifices and fight for them now the Pakistanis are hearing that you are giving shelters to terrorists which is disturbing and painful, Imran added.

Pakistan Army started indiscriminate crackdown against the terrorist and now we in most part of the country which were disturbed in past are now the peaceful areas and residents of these area are now going back to their native town after restoring peace in the area, Imran Khan,

Regarding the Donald Trump speech while announcing Afghan policy, Imran Khan said that it was humiliating for the people of Pakistan that Pakistan are providing safe heavens to the terrorists after giving all the sacrifices now we hearing such remarks, which is not acceptable to anyone in Pakistan.