US condemns Israeli settlements but calls Israel iron clad partner

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: In his opening remarks at the US State Department press briefing Ned Price, the spokesperson condemned the recent Israeli settlements in West Bank and called them unilateral steps which could endanger peace in the region.

Ned Price also made it clear that Israel is an iron clad partner of the United States and both the countries share the same values. Ned also made it clear that the security of Israel was one of the top most priority of the US government.

When asked what the US is going to do about it, Ned Price said that regional partners are being taken on board to discourage Israel from these settlements.

Ned Price also elaborated on President Biden’s two state theory which recognizes both Palestine and Israeli state. The US along with several European and Middle Eastern countries have strongly condemned the recent escalation and violence by Israeli security forces.

A senior journalist in Washington DC while talking to The Frontier Post stated that the US has just been doing lip service since last two decades about Palestine and that “they are not serious to find a solution because it will upset Israel.”

When asked about Muslims being mistreated in China and the US only raising this issue when relations are sour between US and China, Ned Price said that the US does not compromise on its values and the treatment meted out to Uighur Muslims in China has always been condemned by the US. “We have always condemned these detention centers in China where Muslims are languishing in horrific conditions” Ned Price added.

Ned Price also denied having information about China involvement in recent Ohio train accident.