US Opens Up about the Arrests of Hong Kong Protestors


Morgan Ortagus, Spokesperson for the Department of State in his press release on October 3, 2020, while remarking about the Arrests of Hong Kong Protestors said that, “We are outraged at the Hong Kong government’s arbitrary arrest of more than 80 people on October 1.”

He further added that, “A stable and prosperous Hong Kong depends on honoring the rights of assembly, free speech, and other fundamental freedoms.  By repressing peaceful public opinion, the Hong Kong government once again shows its complicity with the Chinese Communist Party’s evisceration of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms of its people.

While deploring the local authorities’ continued use of law enforcement for political purposes, he said that, “These arrests again underscore Beijing’s complete dismantlement of One Country Two Systems that the PRC promised to uphold.”