US to review relations with Saudi Arabia: Karine

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: White House Press Secretary, Karine Pierre stated that in coming days the United States will be reviewing its relations with Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia is aligning their policy with Russia. 

Karine said that now is not the time to support Putin and that in coming days “different sort” of relations will be seen with Saudi Arabia. When asked whether withdrawal of US troops from Saudi Arabia or stopping the arms sale is something the Biden administration is thinking about doing, Karine replied by saying that she doesn’t want to get ahead of the President’s decision in this regard. 

A day earlier, President Biden had hinted that the US Congress and Senate will be approached in coming days to review US foreign policy towards Saudi Arabia. President Biden has also ordered additional oil from the US reserve stock to keep the oil prices down.

When asked whether the President Biden regrets his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Karine stated that it was during that visit that Saudi Arabia opened its airspace to Israeli flights and that the president was able to meet thirteen other middle eastern leaders.