Vessel filled with wheat for Afghanistan departed from Ukraine

KABUL (TOLOnews): The World Food Organization (WFP) said that its chartered vessel BC Vanessa has departed from Odessa’s seaport loaded with 30,000 metric tons of wheat destined for Afghanistan.
A spokesman for WFP Afghanistan, Wahidullah Amani, said that the organization will provide a total of 80,000 metric tons of wheat to the people of Afghanistan.
“WFP will receive 80,000 metric tons of wheat from Ukraine. The wheat will be transfered to Turkey via the Black Sea. It will be ground into flour there and will be brought to Afghanistan,” he said.
Afghanistan has recently been hit with a dire humanitarian crisis, with more than half of the country’s population facing food insecurity, according to the humanitarian organizations’ statistics.
TOLOnews’ reporter Amina Hakimi reached out to an orphan family in Kabul.
Zarghona is a widow with four children, who lost her husband two years ago.
Zarghona said that she is struggling with severe economic challenges.
“Some people help us but we are having a tough life,” she said.
Muqadasa, 3, is one of Zarghona’s four children, who is suffering from heart disease.
Zarghona said that she is unable to pay for medicine for Muqadasa.
Residents of Kabul complained about the lack of jobs and increasing economic challenges.
“Our country plunged into poverty. I hope the world countries will help us,” said Zaman Shah, a resident of Kabul.
“The situation has deteriorated. I myself, when I eat breakfast, I think about my dinner and how to find it,” said Obaid Ahmad, a resident of Kabul.
Recently the US announced a humanitarian package of $327 million.