Wardak residents call for girls schools to be established

KABUL (TOLOnews): Residents of Day Mirdad, a district in the southern part of Maidan Wardak Province, said that no girls’ schools have yet been built there and that many of the province’s girls are deprived of an education.
They asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools across the country above the sixth grade in addition to building girls’ schools in Day Mirdad.
“Go and check that there are no females’ schools in the upper and lower parts of this district,” said Hewadullah, a resident of Day Mirdad district.
“Science helps people learn about Allah, and people are not opposed to learning science; instead, they desire education,” said Rahmatullah, another resident of Day Mirdad district.
There are no cultural restrictions against females attending school, according to the residents of the Day Mirdad district.
“We don’t have a problem with girls’ education, we want girls’ schools to be built in our area,” said Khan Mohammad, a resident of Day Mirdad. “We want our sisters and daughters to attend school so that they can learn their rituals and be able to write,” said Sayed Mohammad, a resident of Day Mirdad.
“People are interested in sending their daughters and sisters to school to learn something,” said Saifullah, a resident of Day Mirdad.
Meanwhile, local Maidan Wardak officials reported that no girls’ school has been built in the Day Mirdad district as a result of the war. He said that work on the construction of a school in the area has already begun. “Revolutions (battles) have prevented the construction of schools for girls in various places, including the Day Mirdad district,” said Gul Wali Muttaqi, head of education in Maidan Wardak.
Even though no girls’ school have yet been built in the Day Mirdad district, some girls attend informal classes there up to the sixth grade.