Wardak residents seek help to rebuild houses destroyed in war

MAIDAN SHAHR (Pajhwok): Some residents of Maidan Shahr, the capital of central Maidan Wardak province, say no one has helped them reconstruct their houses destroyed in the past wars.
These victims of the past conflict ask the government for assistance in reconstruction of their houses.
Local officials say 2,500 houses have been completely destroyed and 6,000 more partially damaged during the previous wars and efforts are underway to reconstruct them.
They say 3,000 of the destroyed houses have been reconstructed while 800 more are being repaired.
Noor Mohammad, a resident of PoolaKhani area of Maidan Shahr city, said his house was ruined in the conflict and he was not economically sound to reconstruct his house.
“During the previous wars, many houses of Poola Khani village, including my own house, were destroyed, we have so far received no assistance,” Noor Mohammad said.
“My economic situation is not good, I even cannot warm up a room for my children,” he said.
He asked the government and other welfare institutions to help them in reconstructing their houses.
Allah Nazar, another resident of PoolaKhani village, said his house was destroyed during the previous wars and currently he was unable to reconstruct it. “My economic situation is quite bad, my children live in cold room and I cannot buy firewood,” Allah Nazar said.
But officials of the Natural Disaster Management Department say a survey has been conducted about the destructions of the previous wars all over the province, efforts are underway to provide assistance to the victims of wars.
MaulaviFaizullahJalali, head of Natural Disaster Management department told Pajhwok Afgh,an News their figures show totally 2,500 houses have been completely destroyed while 6,000 more partially damaged. Till now 3,000 houses have been repaired and work to repair 800 more houses is going on, Jalali said.
He said the government was trying to assist all of the war-affected families and solve their problems.
“Houses that were destroyed but abandoned by their owners or houses which sustained little damages are not included in the survey,” Jalali added.
Such houses will be again surveyed next year and their owners will get some assistance for reconstruction of their houses, Jalali further added.
It is worth mentioning that many people suffered heavy casualties and their properties were destroyed all over the country due to the two-decade-long war.
Officials say the government has launched to reconstruction process of the destroyed and partially damaged houses of people in all provinces and it will take some years to complete.