Where we are going today: CLE Cafe in Jeddah

Nada Hameed

CLE Cafe in Jeddah serves breakfast, brunch, and specialty coffee — with a French twist.

Located on Qassem Zeinah Street in the city’s Rawdah district the eatery, with its maroon walls and modern leather furniture, offers a relaxing dining experience.

Signature dishes include a Japanese pancake served with a mix of berries, strawberries, and maple syrup, and a crispy quarter loaf with a cheesy and creamy center.

Other offerings include sourdough slices with a range of toppings, bagels, egg sandwiches, regular and chocolate pancakes, and French toast. Portions are generous and presented with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar.

A glass-walled quiet room is available on the second floor of the premises, and on the ground floor, a portrait of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — photographed by Martin Schoeller for an interview with TIME in 2018 — takes center stage.

Courtesy: arabnews