Why is India’s Virat Kohli sad?

Monitoring Desk

MUMBAI: Former Indian captain Virat Kohli has said nothing beats the sad feeling of losing “your new phone”.

On Tuesday, Kohli took to Twitter and wrote, “Nothing beats the sad feeling of losing your new phone without even unboxing it. Has anyone seen it?”

Kohli’s tweet went viral and has garnered millions of views, retweets and replies. India’s food delivery service app Zomato too rushed in to have a take on this. The company said to feel free to order an ice cream from Anushka’s phone. The social media users anticipated the tweet to be an advertisement for a brand.

Kohli, India’s one of the most famed captains is known for his aggressive and flamboyant style of batting, captaincy and leadership skills. He is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and has numerous records and awards to his name.