Women distribute books for International Women Day

KABUL (TOLOnews): A number of women distributed books free in honor of International Women’s Day, and said that the purpose of these kinds of programs is to promote the culture of reading and study.
The organizers of the program said they distributed near to two hundred books to women.
A number of participants called on the Islamic Emirate to allow women’s education and to hold these kinds of programs for women.
“We celebrated women’s day and distributed books to promote the study of culture,” said Khatera, an organizer.
“Because of women’s day we had a special program and we distributed books to women and we sent a message saying that even with restrictions they cannot stop us, and we continue on our way,” said Hussna Surwari, an organizer.
Meanwhile, some participants called on the Islamic Emirate to provide education for women.
“These kinds of programs are useful for our culture and have good impact on youth and women….,” said Hussna, a participant.
“We call on the Islamic Emirate to allow women an education and to open schools and universities,” said Hasiba, a participant.
Some residents and booksellers said that in the last two years the culture of study in the country has decreased dramatically.